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Latest News and Community Involvement

What is a Nictitating Membrane?

You may have noticed on your pet cat or dog how there is fine membrane which covers their eyes when they are starting to relax. This is the nictitating membrane, also known as the nictitating eyelid or third eyelid. Nictitate, or nictate, comes from the Latin word meaning “wink.”

Nictitating membranes offer protection from environmental factors, during hunting and fighting, and as an additional way to lubricate and clean the eyes. You’ll recognize this cool feature on many sharks, amphibians, reptiles, cats, dogs, bears, camels, and birds, just to name a few.

Human beings only have a vestige of a third eyelid, which we call the plica semilunaris, Latin for “half-moon fold.” This is in the inner corner of your eye, but it’s not so easy to find, and if you wink, you’ll miss it.

Now, can you guess which animal is the owner of the beautiful nictitating membrane in the photo?

SALT.Optics at Broadway Vision Source


All caps with a period is how it’s spelled. SALT has been around since 2006, founded by independent professionals who have worked in the eyewear and fashion industries for over 30 years. We are proud to carry this fantastic line as of October, 2013.

One day, soon after our SALT. inventory arrived, Warren took a pair of SALT. frames from our new display and placed them on me. First of all, the comfort was amazing. As they say, it was “like buttah!” Then I looked in the mirror. They looked wonderful – I looked wonderful. Warren and the rest of our staff all have a flair for what’s going to look good on a person, but the SALT. frames were a step above even the usual. Yes, I could literally see myself wearing these SALT. frames all day, every day.

The SALT. mission is to hand craft high-quality frames that combine classic simplicity with contemporary style; in other words, they are timeless. We would add that they are elegant and fun. You won’t be tossing these out in the future, because they are meant to stand the tests of life and lifestyle.

SALT. frames and lenses are hand-crafted from the finest materials, using the latest technologies, so that you will be able to enjoy your SALT frames for many years to come. We can easily change your SALT. lenses as needed.

Do we have you curious for more? You can check out the SALT. web site here, and, better yet, come in to see us and try them for yourself. We think you’ll be very happy you did.

 Worry-Free Contact Lens Purchasing

We’re excited to offer you a new convenient way to purchase your contacts.  You now have the option to order an annual supply of lenses and make easy month to month payments.  Your lenses will be automatically delivered to your door, so you never have to worry about running out.  Click here for more information on making your contact lens purchasing experience easier.

As supporters of the charitable organization Optometry Giving Sight, we will donate an eye exam to a person in need when you complete an annual supply through LensFerry S.

Sign up for worry-free, convenient contact lens purchasing here:  LensFerry

Recycle Contact Lenses at Broadway Vision Source

Broadway Vision Source has teamed with TerraCycle and Bausch & Lomb to provide recycling for all disposable soft contact lenses, and blister packs.   Concern over the potential environmental impact that the cumulative use of disposable contact lenses may have has led to this easy and effective method of recycling.  Follow this simple guide, and either drop off or send us your discarded soft contact lenses and/or blister packs.  We’ll forward them on to Terracycle to be recycled.  Daily disposable soft contact lenses provide the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and efficacy.  However, recycling the lenses and the blister packs they are stored in has been unavailable, until now.  All brands of soft contact lenses may be recycled.

Introducing Our New RAVN and LUMO Collections!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our two new eyewear collections, RAVN and LUMO! Our RVAN eyewear line is created exclusively for Broadway Vision Source. This distinctive collection combines high-end quality materials, with an affordability and accessibility found only when sourced directly from the manufacturer.

Our LUMO eyeglasses are designed to provide our patients with beautiful looking frames, tailored to their own unique fashion sense, face shape, complexion, and spectacle prescription. Brighten up your winter by stopping by our office to check out the rest of these exciting new collections!

Our In-House Lens Finishing

John Guild, ABOC

Did you know that we’ve had our own lens finishing lab since the 1990’s?  This enables us to “finish,” ie; grind the edges of the lens(es) to fit into your frame.  If you want to reuse your frame to acquire new lenses for, you won’t have to give them up while the lenses are on order.  You can just bring your  frames in when the lenses are ready, and John Guild, ABOC, will use our Santinelli LEX 1000 Edger to tailor your lenses for a snug and correct fit.   This also gives us  control over the quality of work done on your lenses, vs. being captive to an outside lab.

Santinelli LEX 1000

 Join us in supporting the LGBTQ community:

The diversity of our office team is a reflection of the people to whom we  serve.  Help us celebrate our differences and join us in supporting the Washington Won’t Discriminate Business Coalition.

Optovue Avanti

We incorporated the use of the Optovue Avanti Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) as an invaluable clinical resource to better diagnose and/or manage retinal diseases such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma.  OCT provides a high resolution (5 micron axial) image of the retina which not only enables the doctor to better diagnose or detect retinal disease, but also to monitor known problems to prevent it/them from worsening at an earlier stage.  We utilize OCT for wellness exams in order to screen for retinal disease/dysfunction, as well as diagnostically for known retinopathies (disease of the retina).  

Thank you Seattle Weekly readers, for our Best of Seattle award in 2015

We made it to Runner Up in Best Eyewear in the August 2015 edition of Seattle Weekly!  It’s not #1, but it’s all the reason to try harder to improve our frame selection, pricing, and customer service.

We have acquired our own line of frames which can be customized for you to suit your own individuality.   If you are not impressed with everyone else wearing the same frame as you, try designing your own with the expert assistance of one of our skilled and knowledgeable opticians who will tailor the frames to suit your particular style.

LUMO Eyewear

This new frame brand, called LUMO Eyewear, represents your own luminosity, brightness, and uniqueness amidst the ocean of spectacle frames that may look one-of-a-kind, but are not uniquely designed for you.   Custom, yet affordable, we will be launching LUMO soon, so keep your eyes open!

Giving Back to Our Community

In conjunction with the Seattle YWCA’s Health Access’s Eyecare for the Homeless Program (EHP), Dr. Matsunami has been providing free eye exams, including treating patients who do not have the resources to afford proper care for cataract surgeries, or glaucoma.  Thank You

We are grateful to be able to provide the gift of vision, and this letter from an EHP patient just about sums up all that is rewarding in what we do.


Welcome Merry Jo Gonzales, L.D.O.

News and C 1We are pleased to announce that Merry Jo Gonzales has joined us to provide an even better customer service experience at Broadway Vision Source. Formerly an optician/employee, then owner of First Hill Optical in Seattle over a span of 31 years, Merry Jo brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a work ethic to go the extra mile. Whether you are a current client of hers, or a new one, you will not be disappointed in her provision of optical expertise. As a Licensed Dispensing Optician, Merry Jo joins an already all-star cast of opticians, making our entire group an “A Team” that is top rated in metropolitan Seattle.

Dr’s. Matsunami and Nakatsu Become Diplomats in the American Board of Optometry

Dr’s Matsunami and Nakatsu took and passed their examinations in 2015 to become Diplomats in the American Board of Optometry.  American Board of Optometry (ABO) board certification is a process that allows doctors of optometry to demonstrate that they exceed entry level requirements and are maintaining the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to deliver quality eye care. The American Board of Optometry was created in 2009 to provide optometrists with a voluntary pathway to earn a meaningful Board Certification credential.

Broadway Vision Source named winner of CV+ Award

News and C 3Broadway Vision Source was named the winner of Coopervision’s CV+ Award for Excellence in Practice Marketing. Click here to read the full article which was featured on the front page of Click, an optical industry newsletter.

The full article was featured on the front page of Click, an optical industry newsletter.

Celebrating over twenty years of community partnership with Seattle/King/Snohomish YWCA

News and C 4Eyecare for the Homeless and Broadway Vision Source: Giving back to our community and helping those in need.

Warren Ruby in 20/20 Magazine…

News and C 5 copyWarren “Wizard of Eyes” Ruby was recently quoted in the optical trade journal 20/20 Magazine. Read the article (on page 48)…

 Optos Ultra Wide Field Digital Imaging

Since 2003, the doctors at Broadway Vision Source have been utilizing Optos’ Optomap Retinal Imaging to more efficiently perform retinal evaluations, often without necessitating pupil dilation.   Optomap retinal imaging enables the doctor to better detect, and/or monitor retinal disease.  It also provides a permanent digital image that is often used to track for change over time that manual procedures such as pupillary dilation does not permit.

Learn more about Optos Ultra Wide Field Digital Imaging here.

Warren Ruby in Seattle Met Magazine

Warren “Wizard of Eyes” Ruby was recently featured in Seattle Met magazine!News and C 6

News and C 7Read the article…

Optometry Giving Sight – International and Local Philanthropy

Broadway Vision Source is committed to enhancing vision locally as well as in our global community. We have chosen Optometry Giving Sight as our charitable focus.Optometry GIving SIght

Optometry Giving Sight is the only global fundraising initiative that specifically targets the prevention of blindness and impaired vision due to uncorrected refractive error (URE).

At least 670 million people around the world are blind or vision impaired simply because they do not have access to an eye examination and a pair of glasses. Sight can make the difference between a life of poverty and a life of opportunity. The solution to blindness and impaired vision due to refractive error is simple – provide quality primary eye care. There is no one better prepared to take on this challenge than the global Optometric community.

Optometry Giving Sight projects seek to ensure sustainable, lasting results in three ways:
Eye care service delivery – exams, low-cost eye glasses and low-vision devices
Human Resources – training of optometrists, eye care personnel and their teachers
Infrastructure development – establishment and support of vision centers, eye clinics and schools of optometry.

By the end of 2009, Optometry Giving Sight distributed US$2.9 million through its partners to help screen and provide basic eye care services to more than 3.5 million people, train 1550 mid-level eye care personnel and create 101 vision centers / optical labs.

85% of every donation from eye care professionals, optical staff and employees, clients and patients goes directly to support programs that help give sight to those most in need. According to Dr. Victor J. Connors, Chairman and CEO of Optometry Giving Sight USA, a donation of as little as five dollars can provide an eye exam and glasses in a developing country. For more information on Optometry Giving Sight, visit www.givingsight.org.