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Valid Through April 1st, 2019

Recycle Your Disposable Soft Contacts

Recycle Contact Lenses at Broadway Vision Source

Broadway Vision Source has teamed with TerraCycle and Bausch & Lomb to provide recycling for all disposable soft contact lenses, and blister packs.   Concern over the potential environmental impact that the cumulative use of disposable contact lenses may have has led to this easy and effective method of recycling.  Follow this simple guide, and either drop off or send us your discarded soft contact lenses and/or blister packs.  We’ll forward them on to Terracycle to be recycled.  Daily disposable soft contact lenses provide the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and efficacy.  However, recycling the lenses and the blister packs they are stored in has been unavailable, until now.  All brands of soft contact lenses may be recycled.