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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses That Fit You Perfectly


You’re busy, so we stock many daily and monthly disposable soft contacts.  You won’t have to wait for them.   For non-inventoried contacts, reordering contact lenses is made easy by sending us your order by clicking here.  Or, simply call our office at (206)464-0472.

Daily disposable soft contacts too expensive to pay for at once?  Try our subscription service called LensFerry.  Click here for more information on this convenient option.

And yes, your contact lenses will be delivered directly to your mailbox, or pick them up if you’re nearby or on your way.

Competitively Priced

Our contact lens prices are constantly updated and match or beat competitive prices found elsewhere.   Also take advantage of fantastic manufacturer’s rebates that are available only at Vision Source offices.   Click here for more information on rebates.

Recycle Your Disposable Soft Contacts and Accessories

We offer recycling of your soft contact lenses, cases, and all blister packs!  Until 2017, recycling for contact lenses was not available.  This resource is offered free, and only at Broadway Vision Source in the Seattle Metro area.  Simply save each blister pack, and place discarded lenses in them.  Either mail them to us, or drop them by at your convenience.

Custom/Difficult to Fit Contact Lenses

Your eye is like a fingerprint, with its own shape and unique characteristics.  With more than 30 years of contact lens experience, Dr. LeClaire, and Nakatsu have the expertise in fitting your contact lenses like a 3-D printer.

Dr. Matsunami fits difficult/complex conditions such as keratoconus, post-LASIK or PRK, high astigmatism, corneal injury/trauma, orthokeratology (CRT), post-corneal transplant (PK or DSAEK), iris injury or post-surgical, multifocals, and more.

Contact lens types include scleral or mini-scleral rigid gas permeable lenses, toric and custom toric soft and rigid gas permeable lenses, hand-painted contacts, as well as standard disposable soft contacts, and rigid gas permeable contacts.